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Love Is Waiting

Words by Ryan Sheeler, Music By Sarah Beisser

-as recorded on the album Love Is Waiting by Sarah Beisser (2004)








Look around you tonight.

One more year has come and gone

Time passes faster each day as we try to slow down

Gather ‘round the fire, come in from the cold

The wind is blowing steady and the snow drifts on the road


News of life eternal guided by a star

All the glory be given to this new King of ours

A miracle on a winter’s night our God is with us here

If we only believe His love is waiting


On the night of Christ’s birth in a town far away

Our God came to this earth as that little baby boy

This child was so special as only the prophets knew

He was God most high and holy and had come for me and you



And did Mary know she'd have to trust an angel?

Or be doubted for the very lies that she didn't tell?

And could Joseph ever have wanted a more perfect Son

Than the child who always was the Everlasting One?


So here we gather tonight one more year goes by

Life begins anew again in the twinkling of an eye

Don’t forget to tell someone “I love you” when you can

And most of all remember He who holds you in His hand


TAGIf we only believe…our love is waitingc.

2004 Ryan Sheeler/Sarah Beisser Ling ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Love Is Waiting - Sarah Beisser
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