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The Box Brothers:

years active 1997-2016

...for nearly 20 years, The Box Brothers were one of most in-demand cover/party bands in Central Iowa.    We had a lot of great times, playing all kinds of street dances, festivals, weddings, parties, fundraisers, class reunions, casinos, bars, and everything in between.   Great stories, great music, great friends, and great times.  Thanks to everyone who came out to see us play - thanks for your support over the years!
2016 lineup:
Tom Box - lead vocals, guitar
Ryan Sheeler - guitar, slide, vocals
Scott Draper - keyboards, vocals
Steve Stecher - bass, vocals
Jim Noxon - drums, vocals
former members:
Rick Nebergall - bass, vocals
Todd Stevens - bass, vocals
Rick Klein - bass
Rick Soroka - bass
Phil Lombardo - bass
Clint Clark - keyboards
Dave Belford - keyboards, vocals
Mary Greeley party 2016
Halfshell 2015
MG benefit 2014
Whiterock Conservancy 2016
Main Street 2005
Whiterock Conservancy 2005
Scheman ISU 2005
MG benefit 2005
Winterfest Scheman 2004
Midnight Madness 2001
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