Something about diving into a score and learning to express the sounds inside of you through symbols written on page that turn into living sounds...really connects with me in a special way.  I've been very blessed to study music composition and theory at the undergraduate and graduate levels with several great teachers over the years.    For me, music is like a large palette to choose from and enjoy; there isn't much that I genuinely do not like.  I like many different composers from Bach to John Williams, from Wagner to Stravinsky and Gershwin and Dan Fogelberg.  Tonal, atonal, post-tonal, serial, modernist, jazz - all of those have filtered through me somehow.   And although I don't compose nearly as often as I did in years past, I still enjoy composing and studying the process.


 Contact me for availability, and for extra scores, parts, and/or charts and lead sheets.  Below are a few excerpts of some of my work



(solo and small ensemble)

"Lo How E'er A Rose Is Blooming" (2012) for string quartet
Sunshine Chain (2008) - for sax and piano
Dolorosa (2005-6) - for strings
Nocturne #2 in F minor (2004) - for piano
Through A Window (2003, revised 2005) - for flute and piano
Five Pieces for Piano (1999)
Lo, How E'er A Rose Is Blooming - arr.Ryan Sheeler
Sunshine Chain (excerpt) - Ryan Sheeler
Dolorosa (excerpt) - Ryan Sheeler
Nocturne #2 - Ryan Sheeler
Through A Window - Ryan Sheeler
Five Pieces for Piano - Ryan Sheeler
(large ensemble)
Unwrapped - A Christmas Musical (2008) for orchestra
Christ Community Church Worship Arts, Ames IA
Civil War Sketches (2004) - for orchestra
Overture from "Unwrapped" - Ryan Sheeler
Civil War Sketches - Ryan Sheeler

Praise and Worship


He Is Able (Noland/Ferguson) - Rhythm Section

Change My Heart O God (Espinoza)  - Rhythm Section

Battle Hymn of The Republic (Howe)  - Rhythm Section

This Little Light Of Mine - Rhythm Section

Great Is Thy Faithfulness (Chisholm/Runyon) - sax and piano

Near The Cross(Crosby/Doane) - solo piano