"Roads We've Taken"

all songs c. Highway 30 Music ASCAP unless otherwise noted



Route 65 (instrumental)

Roads We’ve Taken

Verse 1

We were all a little younger than, younger than our dreams

we thought our lives would last forever ‘least that’s the way it seemed

Little kids in shoes and snow boots…barely knew each other’s names

Every day we walked to school, and smiled on all our days



(We were) reading a story and writing one ourselves

Scenes would come alive in the book on those shelves

This is our playground, and these are the times of our lives

After all the roads we’ve taken…now we see…the love of friends survives


Verse 2

These are the soccer fields and ball games where we used to play

Part of me remembers, and part of me wants to stay

I hold all the old pictures that my mind’s eye sees

I won’t forget the memories of when we were young and free (Chorus)


Bridge  (*for our teachers!)

You may not realize just what you gave to us

You held our hands and shaped our lives – we gave you all our trust

Set The Rain On Fire

Verse 1

What kind of water is in the well?

If it’s empty can you tell?

Drive down the road a ways…

To find the home the lost or can you stay?



Set the Rain on Fire – and don’t chase the wind

Don’t let the fear consume you – before you even begin

If you could do it all again

Say something nice – find a new friend


Verse 2

Why does the map say “you are here” 😊

When your head isn’t really clear.

Maybe we just don’t want the right things

What we want is not what we really need? (Chorus)



Sometimes we hoped for something else…

Back then what would you tell yourself?

These Streets Have Changed

Verse 1

I spend a lot of time looking backwards

Down across the sidewalks that lead to memory lane.

Friends have come and gone, (we) lost some old houses

New roads springing up as I look out my windowpane



These streets have changed from now and then

We used to be neighbors, now we’re not even friends

We wonder all our lives, if what our parents said was true

Now we know…it’s passed on to me and you


Verse 2

Every day we used to walk to school

Across the street and down the block – we’d be on our way

Now we watch every corner, and look twice at every car

And we wonder how we’ve lost our way (Chorus)


Verse 3

Every night before I go to bed

I stand out on my front step and I look out at the sky

Maybe I’m just sentimental

But I’ll always pray to Heaven as I watch the cars drive by ( Chorus)

Westbound (instrumental)


I Never Got To Say Goodbye

Verse 1

It seems like yesterday when you had to raise us alone

It was you against the world with my brother and I along

Just an ordinary family....we got along ok

you and Dad didn't have a lot, but you loved us anyway



These tears of mine keep falling; I can't keep them all inside

all the years keep flooding back, before I dry my eyes

You held my little hand to make tears into a smile

let me hug you one last time...I never got to say goodbye


Verse 2

When we sat in church that Sunday, after dad passed away

I know your heart was heavy; you held my hand anyway

Those years you worked so hard to give us everything

they didn't go unnoticed; your love became our wings (Chorus)


Verse 3

I got the call last Wednesday; My brother said you were gone

So many things just slipped away, on the other end of the phone

Today it hurts so much to see that empty chair

Mom, I'll always love you, I know you'll be waiting there.

Walking in the Rain

Verse 1

She found herself out in it, walking to who knows where

Looking for a flower's bloom - hoping to see it there


for so many years it rained inside of her own mind

love pushed away, and locked without a key to find



the rain of all the hidden hurt fell like a thousand tiny drops

A step in each puddle sounded as if her heart would stop


Each and every drop will fall down into a living well

The vessel is empty now, but someday the rain will dwell

Unrelenting (Psalm 61:2)

Verse 1

Each day I wake and see – I’ve made it through the night before

A world of fear surrounds me, but your Son shines on my door

I’ve wandered off the road, that you’ve meant for me

But I’ll press ever onward, and bow down at Your feet


Every time that I will fall

You pick my up again – yes You pick me up again


Unrelenting – in Your love and Your power

Unrelenting – in the grace that You shower over me…over me

Verse 2

When my heart is breaking and I'm feeling overwhelmed

Remind me of Your love and turn me to Yourself

(Pre-Chorus – Chorus)



I’ll remember these days…and know You are here

When my spirit fades…I know you’ll be near

Please fill my heart again…yes please fill my life again

(Chorus – End)

I Wish You Knew

Verse 1

Café window, street corner sign

People seeing something or they walk right by

Missing people disappear

(in a) city full of strangers where no one hears



The sound of one heart crying…

Do you see them sitting over there?



How many times have you said

I wish you knew, I wish you knew

Is it your last chance to tell someone

I wish you knew, I wish you knew


He’s the One who loves you

He’s sitting right beside you

I need to hear this too…

Oh how I wish you knew


Verse 2

Last-minute errands, cell phone rings

A moment rushes by and you’ve lost something

Conversations over coffee and tea

Tables separate the lives that no one sees

(Pre-Chorus – Chorus)



Tell me friend, what’s on your mind

I’ll listen in the quiet, give you all of my time  (Chorus – End)