Light In The Rain - lyrics

all songs c. Ryan Sheeler/SMG ASCAP - unless otherwise noted



Irish Sunshine(Instrumental)


Heart Of The Person

A long time ago you said to me
Some words I remember, ones that made me see
“I don’t care where you’re at, I care where you’re going”
But don’t look now, I think your heart is showing ☺

You always had a special gift for seeing someone’s life
Compassion sees it all when love comes alive
It’s the heart of the person you taught me how to see
The heart of the person is a new kind of believe

All the things you told me and all the reasons why
How you skinned your knee running from the moment that never
passed by
God called you into darkness so you’d reflect His light
I’ve never see a more beautiful soul prepared to fight


One moment, one day. Two hearts, one way
Shine down, peace and light. Give us the only true sight

I’ve never loved anyone quite like I loved you
Now that time has passed I know that’s its true
You see, your heart is so beautiful like I’ve never seen before
Loving, seeking beauty. How could I ask for more?


Light In The Rain

As the city sleeps below the highway lights
Two hearts searching on a cold and windy night
Sitting in a café table looking face to face
Years of patient longing lead to this place

When the sunshine comes and paints a smile on your face
Your heart melts into mine in a beautiful embrace
I’ll hold your hand in mine through life’s hurricane
Love is always looking for --- the light in the rain

I see your silent tears I’d love to wipe them away
But every time I see your eyes there’s nothing I can say.
Maybe it’s the way your eyes caress your smile
Maybe it’s the way your heart loves like a child


There’s so many words to say (“I love you”), so many words

to share
But they mean so much more when you know I care
We will walk together with a promise from above
Hearts speaking without words, show the truest love


Different Kind

When I saw you first Looking like Irish Sunshine
I’d never seen a prettier girl in all my life
It didn’t hit me right away; love took its own sweet time
Soon enough I knew the feeling was sublime

A different kind of feeling, A different kind of love
More than just a Hallmark card, This one’s sent from up above
I wondered what if felt like to be so surprised
When my heart skipped a beat as I looked into your eyes

I’ve never been as happy as when you’re in my arms
You’re so irresistible when you show me all your charms
Just one look and it was over – I fell hard in love with you
Before my mind could work it out, your love was all I knew


Red hair so on fire, a smile as cool as ice
But a beautiful heart is even twice as nice
Diamonds can’t compare to the treasure of you
Now I know that these feelings I have are true


Anything and Everything

Electric Harmony, feeling so divine
Love on a computer screen I never knew I’d find
Dressed all in yellow with a cute baseball cap
Angel’s smile on your face with a heart to match

I’d do anything and everything I can to love by you
More precious than silver your heart is so true
Eyes like emeralds burn sweet to the touch
I’d do anything and everything because I love you that much

Laughing and praying, laying under starry skies
We bonded so deeply, looking in each other’s eyes
On one magic night was our very first kiss
Angels were watching us, in our new bliss


Walking together, holding hands
Two hearts meant for each other will stand

Were better together than being apart
You and I both know that we share the same heart
Where your heart is, would you to search deep inside
Your feelings for me I know you can’t deny


Sight Unseen

I never got the chance
To tell you how beautiful you are
In a way you’d really understand
Now it may be too late,
because tears have now replaced
The kisses that made time flow like sand

I’ve waited for you all my life, knowing all along
That you are the melody of my song
Before you walked in, sight unseen
I love you more than words could mean

The times you spent in my arms
Were the most precious I’ve ever had
Time standing still…before it begun
I looked into your deep green eyes
And saw my future, my present
And past all become one

I’d give anything to have you back in my life
I wish that our hearts were still as one
The pain inside my heart is so deep

I know I’ve prayed too hard
And I know that I’ve loved too much
To make you believe in me
All this time, I was only
Trying to tell you and show
How much I love you and what you mean to me


Love Too Much

All I ever wanted was to be close to you
Deny it all you want, but you really know its true
You used to be so kind so loving and so true
But something changed; someone got to you

Now all you do is hurt me and all I return is love

Did I love you too much? Didn’t you love enough
Why is there all this pain? Is this supposed to be this tough
Did I love you too much? for you to feel and still
You know that I love you and I always will

Washing cars together, cleaning your garage
Years of silent pain, working to dislodge
Cuddling in the cool of night, kissing our troubles away
Never knew how I prayed for you with words I didn’t say

As I look at you and touch your hand,

let me take your pain away


The night that we argued out in your driveway
I was trying to show you love, but you walked away
I never understood how you change your mind so fast
Still I’m committed to you; my love for you will last

I can tell in your eyes that you don’t believe me
I’ll spend the rest of my life to try and make you see



The Storm Around Me

VERSE 1                                             
The thunder rolled and the lightning crashed
before I knew it the rain came fallin’ fast
Sorrow and pain just like a levee break
Too many tears, too much pain to take
I was so blinded and hurt
When the storm of your love came around me

We had the best of times I loved you so much
You loved me with all of your heart, your kisses and your touch
Sorrow and pain just like a levee break
I was so blinded and hurt
When the storm of your love came around me


I’ve never hurt this bad or been in love this much
You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve known with the most tender touch
Sorrow and pain just like a levee break
I was so blinded and hurt
When the storm of your love came around me


I was so blinded and hurt
When the storm of your love came around me


I’m Keeping An Empty Box

I looked in my closet for something I couldn’t find
Dust had settled over memories I’d left behind
When I was looking the other way, I saw it sitting there
I touched it as it laid there, waiting just to share

I’ve been keeping an empty box on a shelf inside my heart
I never meant to keep it here, open and set apart
What’s inside this empty box that’s been singing a silent song?
Waiting for someone to listen to my heart all along

This closet hides a lot of things – masking tape and a corded phone
Just like the space inside of me – they’re things I didn’t own
I’ve forgotten all about them along with love and time
To see them with the memories brings a tear to my eye


Boxes full of empty spaces,
Filled with laughter now empty faces
Smiling now, begin the traces
Of love that fills the empty spaces

I’ve forgotten how much of this closet I’ve never seen
Never take a look around or even had time to clean
A broken sewing machine lies in an empty space
Its broken wheel reflects… reflects a certain face
Of a little child who wanted to be loved
Now you’re here in my arms sent from up above

I’ve filled the empty box that was inside my heart
Hope gives way to something more, open and set apart
What’s inside this empty box that’s been singing a silent song?
Waiting for someone to listen to my heart all along


Come To That Place

When I drove home from our first date, I didn’t know what I had
But I knew you were special and somehow my heart was glad
From the first time that we kissed to the last time that we touched
I could not believe that my heart could love that much

Now we come to that place where true love resides
Though our pride gets in the way, its love we can’t deny
There’s always been something special in your eyes
That only God could provide

On a chair in your bedroom are two pictures of you
One when you were 5 years old, and the other one subdued
They both had a smile, beautiful despite
Calendar pages turned, years of pain tried to hide


We both came here with pain and time to bear
Sweetly forged a deeper bond that we both now share

Your eyes have always showed me compassion and so much love
I’d be such a fool to say, you weren’t sent from up above
As I hold your body close to mine, words unspoken say
I’ll always listen to your heart, and take all your fears away

Now we come to that place where true love resides
You and I forever one, love no one can deny
Looking in all those years for someone with your eyes
I’ve come to that place and found my love’s lullaby


I’m There With You

You meet me at the door imagine my heart’s surprise
Speechless as I am seeing your beautiful eyes
But the distance in those eyes is breaking my heart
I know that it’s my foolish pride that’s keeping us apart

There are days I miss you so much - It’s then I love you more
Can we come together, hearts as one and love each other true
Pretend that I there with you ‘cause in my heart I am

All the times we’ve had so far laughing, crying, holding on
I see the love that’s in your eyes shining like the dawn
I offer prayers at night time asking for His Peace
On your life and in your heart while you sleep


We’ve pushed and pulled each other in a million different ways
Not meaning to cause the pain our words too often say
But when each day ends and you sleep the night away
“I love you” are my silent words with a gentle kiss, I pray


“Believe In Me” by Dan Fogelberg

(From the album Windows and Walls c.1984 EMI April Music/Hickory Grove Music.  Used by permission ALL RIGHTS RESERVED