Letters From North of Town - lyrics

c.2008 Ryan Sheeler/SMG ASCAP ALL RIGHTS RESERVED except where noted below


Ada Hayden Sunset (Instrumental)


To A Friend

Dedicated to the memory of Dan and Lois Bureman

Dear friend,
Thank you for your kindness nd the comfort of your smile
Oh how it made the sweet time pass for a little while


Someone once told me how you held their child on their lap
There was none a brighter picture than the love

your smile unwrapped


You gave a note to me once upon a time
That lifted up my heart to see God’s love divine


I’ll never forget you and what you gave to me
A measure of yourself beyond what others see


So as I write these lines and tears fall down my face
I remember Christ is bringing you into his arms of grace

Thank you, friend…
Welcome home


North of Town

Driving along the highway on a road that never ends
Thoughts of longing on my mind an empty heart in my hands
This road looks so familiar now like an aging memory
Miles of cornfield try to save so many long-lost dreams

There isn't much to see along this road I've traveled long.
It seems I've seen it all before, all the right and wrong
Someday I’ll come back home and settle down
When driving no longer leads me north of town

I’ve wondered why I like to drive out here
Breezes blow down country roads and sound so sincere
Time passes gently on a corner out of town
the sun shines on the shoulder of another day unbound


I set my wheels out on the road and leave my town behind
I don’t know what I’m lookin’ for much less what I would find
Emptiness and answers meet just like a cross
Where pavement turns to gravel and I find what I had lost



Highway 30 Blues

Driving on the highway Oil gauge in the red
My baby’s left me and the devil’s in my head
I got to roll, before they catch me again
Lookin’ out on the prairie I got them Highway 30 blues

Long nights in cheap hotels hidden ‘neath the sheets
Street lights shinin’ and I ain’t got no sleep
I got to roll, before they catch me again
200 miles from nowhere, I got them Highway 30 blues

Three days on the road feels more like ten
Lord knows I ain’t had no sleep since I don’t know when
I got to roll, before they catch me again
200 miles from nowhere, I got them Highway 30 blues

Lookin’ down the road wonderin’ what I see
Devil on my shoulder but the Lord is holdin’ me
I’m still runnin’ before they catch me again
200 miles from nowhere, I got them Highway 20 Blues

Finally get home still too far away
My baby’s out there and here I got to stay
I got to run before they catch me again
They got me in those Highway 30 blues

Always Have The Moon

Only one hour, one phone call away
who knew we would collide on that lonely day
Two years on and off, friends who couldn't say
Has it really been that long since we walked away?

It always seems to shine the brightest, when we can't see
Light and circles flow around this tear-stained picture of me
and you, us and them…Did it end too soon?
If we're meant to walk apart we'll always have the moon

When eyes met only once is forever too far ahead
Look when now seems so right and words remain unsaid
Seeing (in the) distance close to the edge of
praying for wisdom and scared to ask for love

Too caught up in the moment to ask the question why?
If love can hide the truth were we living a lie?

Three years over now I wonder where the time goes
Still the moon shines on more than just the two of us.
Sing a song of longing both to stay and leave
Can I marvel in the wonder of wanting to believe?




Are you listening?
Am I hearing?
Are you speaking to me where I stand?


Are you listening?
Am I choosing
to turn my back on you?


Are you even there?
Are you near my soul
in the shadows of my mind?


Are you listening
to anything I say…
to every prayer I pray


Where can I find you?
I’ve been looking
For joy outside of You


Are you listening?
Am I seeking?
Do you want to talk to me?


Can you comfort me
with this broken heart
that I’m hiding from you?


Are you listening?
Am I hearing?
Are you right beside me now?


Rain Down
-Words and Music by Ryan Sheeler and Anna Arnold

Dedicated to the families, victims and community of the Virginia Tech University
shootings and anyone else hurting and suffering in our world

Hard to find the words and hard to describe
This unimagined pain and find an answer “why”?
Just a normal day was gripped by fear
And now where do we go from here?

If I prayed would someone listen to my deepest cries?
So many questions break my heart tonight
When blood rains down how can you say you’ll still believe?

Here in the silence my tears are my prayer
You gotta know you’re not alone though I’m not there
Even from a distance I feel your fear
My friend, know that He is near

He is there and He does listen he hears when you cry
He’s the answer -only He can show you why
God has a plan, but its not for us to know
Please rain down, Lord - Rain down, oh Lord

Rain down Your mercy - pour understanding
Shower Your children with Your peace
Wash away the tears ‘cause its hard to see
Reveal yourself to me …to me….

Lord, we know you that you listen you hear us tonight
But we’re asking for a simple glimpse of light
Open our eyes show us Your hand
And rain down, Lord
Rain… Rain down

c. 2008 Ryan Sheeler/Anna (Arnold) Bagley


Chasing Heaven

Ask yourself and wonder why you’re arriving and leaving
Coming back around to what your heart denies

You’re back again or did you really leave?

Walk into the sunset of a love that passed you by
finding yourself too broken to forget?

Changing times, changing tides
But who left it all behind for one last shot at all of the gold

When questions leave behind echoes of a falling star
Chasing heaven when it seems so far


How do you know if you’re coming or going?
Can the circle break if you’d just let go?

You’re back again or did you really leave?

When each day ends it seems to rain again
Or it is really sunshine that’s just around the bend?


Light comes round the corner and meets you right here
It’s somehow the same and different than before

You’re back again or did you really leave?

Instead of behind (now) you can look ahead
smile and don’t be afraid of what you will find!

Changing times, changing tides
**Would you leave it all behind
For one last shot at all of the gold?


Still Hold My Hand

Some days I sit and wonder what I did to deserve Your love
And why You’ve called on me to follow You
All the nights I’ve spent awake trying to make sense of it all
And I’ve watched as You’ve done miracles in my life and in many
I am more and more amazed every day

When I walk into the fire and I’m blinded by the light
I want to know if You’ll still hold my hand

Every season passes faster than the one before and still
It seems so hard for me to get to You
All the years I ran away I never knew how hard I would fall…
Everyone always told me how great you really are, and
Somehow deep inside I was so afraid


I wrote you this letter after many years of trying
When I couldn’t find words to pray
All the nights I’ve spent awake trying to make sense of it all
Maybe if I send this someday You’ll answer
Then I’ll meet you face to face


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In My Eyes

I’ve watched you grow, my child through all the years of joy
I was right there with you when it was all so wonderful and new

Those first steps you’d take and soon you’d have to fall
I was there to help you stand ; It was me who held your hand

I know about your sorrow and shared the pain you kept
hidden all these years inside of your unspoken tears

I have waited here, I’ve wanted you to know
By my hand the earth was made
So my child, don’t be afraid

In my eyes, you were always loved
I’d leave my flock just to run to you
Lay my word inside your heart then you’ll know it’s true
That in the end, I am waiting here for you

I long to be close to you in the quiet place
Where you wouldn’t tell me how badly your heart wanted to be free

I gave a choice to you before you were even born
To show my fullest love I sent this sign from up above


I know how far you’ve strayed. There is still a way back home
This is my only Son - My Word, My Love, the Chosen One

When you see the farthest star and look deep inside your heart
I am and will always be I know some day you’ll see